Oops. Guess I have to get better at figuring out when these shows I worked on air for those of you that have been asking. It turns out the episode of Harry’s Law that I was on aired last night. Since I forgot I decided to film my 2 seconds of fame for you on my phone. Ha! It turns out they used my reaction shot. Yay!!! So much fun.

This week I got to work on a film called A Green Story (which is the inspiring true story of an immigrant who started the Earth Friendly Product line). It was my first opportunity to work directly with the Director, he gave my some blocking, asked my opinion on what a mom would do and had me interact in the scene with some of the Principal cast. And then on Tuesday I got to work on CSI Miami and ended up standing right next to the bad guy. Fun and creepy.

Oh and it looks we’ve sold our house!!! Yay!! Keep your fingers crossed. What a great week.

And the week ends with Veteran’s Day. Take a moment to send out some love to all your favorite vets who willingly put their lives on the line for us. I know I have my very special Vets who I will be sending my thanks to, a whole gang of Vultures and one Bikini – you know who you are. Love you guys!!!

4 thoughts on “Harry & Me: The Big Reaction

  1. Hi Holly,

    John & I watched Harry’s Law last night. We never noticed how they filmed background players until we were watching for you last night. It’s funny the things we saw last night just because we were looking for you! Very exciting. Keep you in prayers regarding the sale of your home. Love you, John & Joyce

  2. We’d been watching all episodes and caught you “live” last night…WOO HOO! Looking forward to catching your other moments! Congrats on all life areas going so well for you! HUGS! : )

  3. It is funny isnt it? The things you start to notice. Everyone of those people in the background are always actors. Thanks for looking out for me. You guys are the best!

  4. Wow, Holly, you’re really making your dreams come true! Great news on getting an offer on the house! One more reason to move onward and upward! Hurray!

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