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You know just last week I was in the dumps. My finances were in a truly sad state of affairs, I felt like my career was going nowhere, and I found myself yet again spinning on past hurts that I was powerless to do anything about and suddenly I am on a cloud again. The checks have started rolling back in, I’ve got a new acting/life coach who is amazing, I’m suddenly more free in Improv and having a blast with it, got booked on Modern Family yesterday (the greatest show ever) and me and my new buddy Gene (hey Gene!) kept getting pulled up to the front, and best of all I was able to channel those useless old hurts that have been plaguing me into a new sitcom that I think is the best and funniest thing I have ever written. It is just pouring out and healing me in the process.

What changed? My attitude. I just decided to be grateful and sunny in spite of all the “reasons” to the contrary and suddenly the world just started to feel different, challenges didn’t seem so hard, new actions to be taken began to emerge. Attitude really is everything. I’ve always known this but sometimes I forget it so I have decided to spread the love or in this case the “Sunshine”, in case any of you need a reminder too.

Please watch this video that was sent to me by the oh-so-wonderful Timmy and Sally (love you guys!), it will lift your spirit and remind you to have a happy weekend if for no other reason than just because.

Big hugs and kisses to all,


3 thoughts on “Spreading The Sunshine

  1. Ohmagosh!!! You and that video just tickled my toes!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH sweet Holly!!! Don’t ever lose faith my dear….you are too good! Kisses and Hugs!!

  2. Holly, you ARE sunshine! A good attitude sure can turn things around, can’t it? Thanks for the reminder!! Can’t wait to see you on Modern Family-one of our fave shows too! When does your air? xxoo

  3. LOVE this video and love you! Congrats on that awesome Modern Family gig! What a super perfect match for you, lady!! xoxo

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