I’ll just say it for you. What???? I know that makes no sense at all. I was just seeing if you’re paying attention.

But it actually does make some sort of sense because just when I was committed to spiraling deep into a PMS induced poor me cycle, with sweat pants out, and plans to gorge on chocolate all day while trying to convince myself with full certainty that I was going to go broke for sure out here and will never make it in this business, I get a call letting me know that I just booked lead “goofy woman” in Toyota commercial.

It’s not a National commercial or anything like that so don’t start writing out your Christmas wish lists yet, it’s just a local one, but never-the-less it does make my ratio out here in LA for auditions that lead to bookings a nice solid 50% which for an actor is fantastic. And then, just to further dampen my little hormonal pity parade, Diego gets a gig from Fremantle (the
company that produces American Idol) with promises of many more jobs from them to come.

Now how am I supposed to be properly pathetic with news like that? Guess I’ll have to put down the chocolate and get back on the inspiration highway. Take that, you crazy hormones!!!

And just like that, I have survived another month of being both a woman and an artist. Whew!

3 thoughts on “Toyota Saved Me from My Hormones

  1. “YAY! (clap clap clap)”…expression stolen from my granddaughter. CONGRATS! : )

  2. See, the universe does still love you….. I’m certain you will do the “goofy woman” role to perfection. Especially with PMS….. Love, Mom

  3. WTG! Sure wish we would get to see your commerical in FL…on well, only a matter of time until you will be known from Coast-to-Coast. LOL!

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