I love when weird little synchronicities start popping up in my life because it is always a clue that I am on the right track and yesterday was one of those days.

To appreciate this story you must know first off that I have been trying to get together with my friend James ever since I moved back to LA. James was one of the kids who starred in the movie I wrote years ago, The Guardians, and he lives out here now so we had been wanting to get together and catch up but our schedules just werent jibing.

Anyway yesterday was my day on the set of Rules of Engagement which of course I was so excited about. Got to drive my car right onto the Sony Lot, and hang out all day on the sitcom set and see how its done. So great. The only odd part was that I had been told I was supposed to be in a Lodge scene but when I got there they said, nope, we have you down for the Diner scene. Naturally I said fine and just went with the flow but was slightly worried because I hadnt really brought the right clothes for that scene and was already attached to the folks I met that were there for the Lodge scene.

The good news is, not only did the clothes turn out to be fine, but I quickly started to realize that all the “diner” folks were regulars. The Diner is kind of like the coffee shop in friends and the characters go there all the time and when they do, these same actors are always in the background. Suddenly I started to feel pretty lucky. For some reason that noone seemed to have the answer to I just got switched in with the weekly regulars. Yay! This could be good.

But here’s where the day just launched right off the chart. We broke for dinner and there I am standing in the food line and I look over and can’t help but notice a familiar face walking in my direction. I kind of had to blink a few times to really believe what I was seeing but there he was, my friend James. I’m like “James?” and he looks at me with shock “Holly? Oh my god are you on this show?” Still confused I’m like “Yes. Are you?” and he says “Yeah, I’m one of the regulars in the Diner. I am the Cook in the kitchen” What the heck? I have had a lot of these synchronicities in my life but seriously? It all starts feeling very Truman Show-esque. Cue the old friend.

Suddenly the set felt like a party. James introduced me to everyone. It turns out most of the Diner folks have an in with someone somewhere (which again makes me wonder how I got in) and that for him its his friend Carlos who works on the show as the 1st AD (Carlos! that was the name of the guy I had been staring at all day because he looked so familiar.) I said “Did Carlos happen to work on FRIENDS by any chance?” And he’s like “Yeah, he did.” Of course he did. After all these years I ended up getting to catch up with Carlos as well. I don’t know for sure but something tells me I might be visiting this set more often.

The funny thing about me and James is that we never did work out our plan to get together, yet here we are anyway having dinner and catching up on the set of Rules of Engagement. Thanks Universe! This is such a better plan than we would have invented.

I am off to the set of Grey’s Anatomy tomorrow. Can’t wait to see who I find there. Ha!

One thought on “Sweet Synchronicity You Found Me!

  1. How ironic! Watch out destiny….Holly’s coming for you!!
    We Love & Miss You!

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