On the set of David E. Kelley’s show Harry’s Law that is.

I am absolutely loving my plan of starting at the bottom and working my way up in the acting industry. I went and got myself signed up with a couple companies last week that cast for what they are calling these days “background entertainment” (as if the term Extras would somehow diminish our importance. Ha!) And already I have been booked on Harry’s Law which we shot yesterday and was photo selected (which means they specifically chose my look as opposed to just filler) for the sitcom Rules of Engagement next Tuesday (which naturally I am superpumped about).

I was in heaven yesterday driving to Warner Bros for the first time since I worked on FRIENDS so many years ago. Not only did I get to make a little cash, but I got to sit in that fake little courtroom and have a front row seat to the pros in action. Being the geek that I am I’m not sure which part I enjoyed more: watching the crew, the actors or hearing the amazing dialogue compliments of the incredibly talented David E. Kelley but all together it was such a treat and a great actors workout for me. Sitting there for 12 hours hearing the same dialogue over and over again and practicing listening each time and reacting naturally as if I have never heard it before, that is the work of the actor. Loved it!

So I’ve seen the one-hour episodic, can’t wait to see what’s in store on the sitcom set next week. The journey continues.

Happy Friday everybody!

9 thoughts on “12 Hours with Kathy Bates

  1. I LOVE Kathy Bates on Harry’s Law! What a thrill! And how cool it is for us t.v. watching geeks to see YOU on our tube…and to be able to say “that’s Holly – I know her!!!” Keep up the great work and ENJOY that ride to the FULLEST!! WOOP WOOP!

  2. Very cool….. Let me know when your episode is going to be on. I can see there will be a bunch of TV shows I watch now that I never saw before. Love you, Mom

  3. We watch Rules of Engagement all the time. Can’t wait to see you and to be able to say “Hey, that’s Holly.” You are on your way….enjoy every moment.

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