Recently I learned that when Beyonce was starting out she invented a character for herself, Sasha Fierce, to help her come out of her shell and combat stage fright and it got me thinking that I might just need to follow her lead.

I have realized that in order to make it in this town called Hollywood, where, if we’re really honest, very few of us ever have a chance of “making it” unless we have an uncle named Coppola or Spielberg, I am going to have to invent a character to help me out too, not to deal with stage fright but rather, to help me combat this annoying little thing called reality.

Reality will get you nowhere in this business so that is why from this day forward when I get too bogged down with “the truth” I will be calling on PollyAnna Ninja: my overly confident, irrationally optimistic and joyously under-informed alter ego to save the day.

Hollywood is no match for PollyAnna Ninja! Able to leap over middle management with a giggle and a “huh?” To meet all the right people with a single accidental “oops, sorry to barge in I must be lost.” Literally tone death to the word No. It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s PollyAnna Ninja!

Okay clearly I woke up on the silly side of the bed this morning but it’s about damn time!! This is supposed to be a comedy blog and I am so not funny! 🙂

P.S. Shooting the “show” was a blast. Got 2 more auditions coming up. Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “Whipping out the Superpowers!

  1. Whap Whap – Ka Ka! You ARE Funny NinjaMama! Not to worry at all – your job is to ENJOY this Journey and it appears that you’re doing your job just fine! Keep up the Great Work! ALWAYS sending you Positive Vibes, L-O-V-E, and plenty of HUGS & Smiles!

  2. Ha!!! I love you Norma. And yes I am! It really is the journey. If you dont enjoy it when you’re “here” you won’t enjoy it when you’re “there” I finally get that now.

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