Whew!! After weeks of moving, grieving and stuff management I am happy to report that I am back in the making my dreams come true business again and having a blast.

Started my Improv 2 class at Second City yesterday, which is all about character development. It’s all about making strong choices. We did this one exercise where the group threw out a topic and then right then and there we had to answer with a distinct point of view. The topic thrown out was taxes and my scene partners had already taken strong stances; a beligerant rant about why “the little guy should pay it all”, or the spoiled socialite who shrugs her shoulders “who cares, my Dad pays for everything” and as it gets to my turn I had not a clue what I was gonna say even as I was opening my mouth to say it and then out comes this slow hippy sounding voice that says “I think we shouldn’t pay our taxes until we’re dead because you know, well, I really need that money right now, but when I’m dead then, you know, you can have it, I really won’t mind. Have at it. I think that could work because, I mean people die… like…everyday, so if we just take their money that should do it” What???? Don’t know where that came from but I cracked myself up. Definitely gonna start developing this character further.

Oh and thanks to some of my wonderful artist friends (yes I am talking about you Valerie, Dawn & Debbie) I am newly inspired in my marketing pursuits. Turns out the acting business has changed pretty dramatically since I was out here last and now there are so many ways to get yourself out there that there is just no excuse so I just took some new headshots and will start working on an official demo reel right away.

In the meantime I would love your help in knowing which are your favorites of my new shots. They havent been all polished up yet but you will get the idea.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

13 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. The first one is my favorite! Second choice is the 3rd one. Love ya, see you soon.

  2. I like one and two. Your personality shines in those two.

  3. I like all three. They all show different looks. But if I really have to pick, I guess I’ll go with 1. Tough choice….

  4. Hey Holler,
    I also say 1 then 3 for sure! Go get ’em!! xoxo Steph

  5. All are gorgeous – would depend on the role: #1 – Sweet & Happy (good for comedy) #2 – Deep – perhaps Soulful #3 – says BRING IT

    Sending Good Luck & HUGS. : )

  6. I agree with Norma…depends on the part. #1 is classic Holly, beautiful in every way! #3 is jumping out at me though…maybe because it’s a side of you rarely seen…edgy. Love to you sweet momma!!!

  7. #3 definitely!!!! Sharp, confident, bold, and beautiful…..ready to take on the world. It screams success and a great promo shot to ‘pitch’ like a girl!!!!! TeeHee XO

  8. Don’t make me choose….love all of them! 🙂 Lucky you having your own ‘personal’ professional photographer on call!!

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