C God

For those of you that didn’t get to attend Chris’ funeral, or are not on Facebook, I mentioned that the service ended with one final performance from Chris, a last recording found on his Ipad of a song he had written called C God in All that was inspired by the message etched into this mountain.

Anne was kind enough to post it so I wanted to make sure to share it. Ironically, I think its one of the best songs he has ever written. Life is just so peculiar like that. Enjoy!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tU5c0SEz7U&w=420&h=345]

P.S. I have been getting some wonderful Chris stories from people for the collection I am compiling to give to Chris’ family. Please keep them coming. I know it will mean the world to them. (And remember, its not important to be a great writer, just to express from your heart. I promise it will be perfect like it is)

One thought on “Chris Haven Peck – Final Performance

  1. Holly,
    Thanks so very much for sharing Chris’s last gift to all of us. He was an incredible guy and friend and is missed so much!


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