So here’s the trouble with spontaneously moving across country as I am prone to do: for a little while you have to put all your big plans aside and demote yourself to the position of Chief Manager of Stuff.

I would explain to you how its been for me the last couple weeks and how philosophical I have gotten about the whole notion of why we even have so much stuff, but I figure, why bother, when one of my comedy hero’s has already done it so beautifully for me. Enjoy!


(Oh and Laurie Gredlein – my best friend for life and fellow comedy connosieur. I know no one who appreciates a good laugh more than you. It’s one of the things that makes you so special! Enjoy your birthday today! Thank you for being born and adding so much love, laughter and richness to my life. Hopefully this adds some back to yours on your special day. I dedicate this clip to you.)

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