I bet the elephant misses him too!

To me, if there has been one positive thing that has come out of this horrible tragedy, it has been the opportunity to find a renewed appreciation for the amazing and important lessons Chris taught by example and the odd gift of getting to know him deeper than ever before through meeting all the incredibly diverse and wonderful people he loved so dearly.

The amazing stories and memories pouring out from literally thousands (yes, over 2000 people and counting have read the memoir I posted so I know they are out there) show us a more complete portrait of the life of this extraordinary man than we ever could have known or seen on our own.

Because it seems that sharing has been healing for all of us, and because I think we all will agree that we dont want to forget all the beautiful memories and lessons Chris has taught us, I have decided to volunteer myself to be a story collector. (See, even in death Chris has still got me working for him – that pain in the butt. 🙂 )

I propose that if you have a favorite story about Chris, that you jot it down in any form you can, long or short doesnt matter, nor does writing talent, just share from the heart, and make sure to include your name, where you’re from and where you met Chris and then email it to me by Aug. 31st to happy@hollypayberg.com. (please include “Chris story” in the subject line and send it in a word doc or anything I can cut and paste from)

I will make sure to compile it, put it in some sort of book form and send it on to his family as a gift from all of us. (If anyone wants to volunteer to gather videos, recordings and/or pictures as a seperate project that would be amazing as well – but definitely a massive undertaking – so I will leave that to your good will)

I look forward to meeting many of you on Friday. We’re in this together. And Anne, Dori and Rob – get ready for one giant group hug. We’re coming for you.

One thought on “Tragedy’s Silver Lining?

  1. Hello again. I love your writing and your perspective. I knew a younger Chris and I am sad that I waited too long to reconnect with the older Chris. But I find that even in his passing, he is leading me on a new path. I am saddened by his passing but I am also enlightened. I am looking forward to meeting people and experiencing kirtan at a time in my life, and my husbands, that I am looking for a new door to open. Just as we were researching ashrams, drum circles, etc., it seems Chris is leading me in a direction in his own unique way.

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