Can’t believe today is the day. The day I have been working towards since forever where I finally meet with a big Hollywood agent to discuss my future and see what I can make happen with my writing career and it happens to be one of the few days where I can’t quite keep it together. Still so much emotion over the loss of such a beautiful friend. Life can be so bittersweet.

Wish me luck and strength to hold it together and be able to express myself the way I need to.

I am taking you with me today Chris!

13 thoughts on “Give me strength people!

  1. I’m sorry to hear of your loss. I feel terrible that I was not aware to check up on you more miss. but I am glad to hear of this opportunity and praying wholeheartedly for your wisdom and poise. Just breathe and be your witty self miss Holly. We miss you out here and we’re hopeful that all your dreams come true. I also suggest taking some weight off the encounter. Just tell it like you got them sold already! I know you’ll do just fine. We’re with you every step of the way…

  2. You are beautiful…
    You are amazing…
    You are loved…

    The rest will work itself out my dear…sending all the love I have your way!

  3. Hey, Holly,
    Just be the real you, which is great! I’m sure you’ll impress the hell out of anyone you meet, including any agents. You’ve already been in that ‘A’ world, so just step back in.

  4. You just do your thing and shine like Chris taught you to. love you! BE YOU!

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