A miracle just occurred. Somebody took my comedy seriously.

You know how sometimes you don’t know you’re sore until someone gives you a massage? Or you don’t realize you’re starving until you take that first bite of food? That’s what just happened to me. I just got my first taste of honest to goodness coaching on my comedy, from somebody who was serious about helping me improve and it made me so happy that I’ve literally been moved to tears. I know that seems to make no sense at all so let me explain.

For me, comedy is no laughing matter. I consider it right up there with music as the highest of all art forms with the power to transcend cultural boundaries and lift spirits. I spent the first 20 years of my life idolizing the work of all the comedy greats and the better part of the last 20 years trying my hardest to develop the skills that would earn me a deserved spot beside them.

I’ve never made any money at it so up till now it’s been considered my “hobby”. And it’s been a really expensive hobby (just ask my husband). I have spent countless amounts of time and money over the years taking classes, writing scripts and song parodies, and shooting and editing shorts and web series’. And I have continually sacrificed free time that could have been spent with family and friends all in the pursuit of one day getting the privilege to work in the field that I love so much with the people I so admire and the really crazy part of it all is that I continue to do it all year after year, with this persistent nagging voice in the back of my head that is not at all convinced that I am actually even funny – at least not intentionally anyway.

Over the course of those 20 years I have gotten very little in the way of feedback to counter this. Yes, I have had some wonderful friends and family who have believed in me from the beginning and have loved everything I do, and I don’t mean to minimize that at all, that has kept me going during times when I wanted to give up, but what I mean is that up till now I have gotten very little feedback from my peers, from those who take comedy as seriously as I do. I have felt out there on a limb and often times invisible to the industry I love so much… until today.

I know it’s just a tiny little beginning. A toe into something new and different but for me it feels huge because I now know to look for things that until now I wasn’t even aware I was needing to seek. (yeah, that’s Holly English right there) To go back to the analogy I started with: I was starving and didnt even know it and now I know where to eat. There is hope for me and my comedy.

Thank you Second City for existing. And thank you Kevin McGeehan for caring. I intend to be a humble student and soak up everything you have to teach me and to one day make you all proud to put my picture up on your wall right next to my heroes (and yes, especially you Harold Ramis.)

3 thoughts on “A miracle just occurred. Somebody took my comedy seriously.

  1. Holly, that’s great! Finding something you love, and mentors who will teach you, is a rare gift in life. Most people on this earth never get that chance, or make that connection. But if you investigate, you generally find that those who do are the ones brave enough to put themselves out there, risking the ridicule and potential failure. That in itself is no small feat. The hard part of the journey is behind you, the part where you have to lose your fear of jumping in, forgetting yourself in pursuit of your art. (Of course now there is that stage fright part to conquer….) But today, you are my hero for pushing yourself! I think I’ll leave your picture on my computer screen all day today in your honor!

  2. And you are my hero for pushing me on further. I went to a screenwriting workshop today that was free because they were filming it – and I decided to work on the ole stagefright part by volunteering to be one of the folks to share and get feedback. I was nervous but it went great. One day at a time.

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