Our summer home!

Okay maybe that’s not a glow. Maybe that’s fog on my camera lens, but I’m going with it because its the only picture I have of all of us with the truly wonderful couple we rented this awesome house from. They said the house would bring us luck for the summer and I believe them because I already feel quite lucky.

It’s only been a week and it’s already been so much fun that I don’t even know where to begin in my sharing so at the risk of being long-winded I guess I’ll just start at the beginning.

First we arrived and met the new landlords who are incredibly kind and amazing. Torsten, the extremely tall man behind me who is doing his best to bend down in this pic and yet is still as tall as Diego who is standing on the steps, was a key character in my favorite comedy of all time The Big Lebowski, and seems to miraculously share all my same philosophies in life, so we hit it off instantly, and Arianna, his wife is just so much fun and full of life that we could have talked our way right into her missing their plane. But alas, they were off to Germany on time leaving us to take care of this great house of theirs and we are so excited to do so.

We spent the next few days just kind of finding our bearings, learning where to shop, where to put all of our stuff, thinking about who we wanted to reach out to and I quickly was reminded of how much fun it is for me to live in such an International city. For instance, just the other night I went to dinner at an Indian restaurant with a girl from Thailand, another girl from Japan, Diego who is of course from Argentina, and a guy from Long Island.

We had such a great time sharing and learning from our different life experiences, all while laughing our butts off, particularly near the end as these 2 wonderfully intelligent girls sitting next to me started making fun of themselves about how they simply can’t pronounce l’s and r’s correctly no matter how hard they try and proceeded to amuse themselves by legitimately butchering the pronunciation of every r and l word they could think up. Too funny and yet again a reminder that as humans our only real differences are the stories we tell.

The Venicians

We also got to reconnect with old friends. We went down to our old neighborhood in Venice to meet our neighbor Charly and it was as if the universe said “cue the others” because as we stood on that street corner with Charly suddenly there was Russ (our neighbor who had lived one house down from us) and then not 2 minutes later here comes our friend Dean (the guy who used to live in between us and Russ – he was moving back to Venice that day and just happened to be taking a break to get an icecream) – what are the odds? I’m still kind of blown away by that. It was so great to see them all and we vowed to have a reunion BBQ next weekend. Can’t wait.

I also got to reconnect with my friend Evelyn who I haven’t seen in 20 years. We used to dance at Disney when we were kids and she just happens to live right down the street from here so it was so much fun to catch up. Oddly enough, we discovered that we often lived near each other and didn’t know it. I lived in Miami when she did, we both moved back to Orlando at the same time, and then we both moved to LA at the same time (when I moved the first time) and never crossed paths. I wonder how often that happens in life too?

On the “making my dreams come true” front I made a lot of progress as well by reaching out and getting connected. I went to my first Second City Improv class and can already tell I’m going to get myself into all kinds of fun trouble there and will have plenty of accomplices in doing so 🙂 Great place to work out the comedic acting muscles.

I went to a Women In Film breakfast in Malibu and got some practice at giving my little 1 minute pitch. Definitely need more practice at that but learned that these are some amazing ladies to practice with. They really get what it takes to succeed out here and will accept nothing less from
you. Perfect!

Also found myself a yoga studio that is walking distance from here so operation “see if I can bend myself into a pretzel and get in serious shape while doing so” begins this week.

On the creative front I worked on polishing up the television pilot I wrote with my friend Stephanie called The Accidental Diplomat. We’re making it all shiny and sales worthy so that all that’s left do is say “check please!”

Oh and I unintentionally started a new screenplay with John Connon. Damn you and your brilliant ideas John Connon!!!! I’m supposed to be spending all my time out here selling, not writing new stuff. Aw well, it’s too good. I can’t resist. Just have to squeeze it in. (Love! Love! Love what we have already come up with Mr.)

Had a very short conversation with my old boss Moshe who, in his usual straight to the point fashion, said “Holly! What are you doing? You know we are in Louisiana now. You should come here and work for us” and I said “. I would love to but I am Los Angeles right now and you should know that these days I am focusing on writing and acting” and he said “Well then come to Louisiana and you can write and act for us” ha! Can I have that in writing Mr. Diamant?

Oh and I guess the biggest news for the week is that I now have an official meeting on the books with a very big agency. So I have 2 weeks to figure out how to make myself sound so fabulous that they want to sign me right then and there. Or possibly find another agency to like me too so they can fight over me. Ha!! If anyone has any good contacts at agencies they want to share, now is the time to do so. Let the countdown begin.

I don’t know what’s in store for this week but I know I have decided to add to my wish list for this trip that besides finding the perfect agent, I would also like to find a like-minded female producer with a development deal. She will be a strong, kind and wise women who knows her stuff and loves me, my projects and my writing partners. She will be all about the business while we just create, create, create! If anyone knows this person – send her to me please. I am soooo ready to meet her.

Have a great week!!!!

4 thoughts on “We’re glowing with excitement from our first week in LA!

  1. Good first week Holly. Productivity is the key. Be outwardly focused until you develop the contacts that will bring you the deals. Then write. Just my words of hindsight after living/working 20 years out there in LA. You can always write the next big thing. You can’t always dial for dollars and set up the meeting for the next day. Don’t hide at the typewriter.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying every minute over there, Holly! Wish you the best! Hope to visit you guys very soon!
    ~ Vanessa

  3. Thanks so much JuliAnn! I’m a big fan of hindsight so keep the wisdom coming. Definitely need to keep reminding myself not to hide behind the typewriter – it’s just so comfy behind there. Ha!

  4. Isn’t it great when life just falls into place like that? I am meditating on this woman…I think she is just around the corner too! Love you…

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