I have been blessed with so much love and support from so many people over the years that I have declared today official Pay It Forward day for me and the first beneficiary of the day will be a fellow artist who I dont even know very well and who will likely be shocked to discover that he is the subject of my blog but his name is Shane Hartline

I met him briefly because he was kind enough to donate his time and talent to my show The Sex Trade. He had a bit part in it but he managed to turn it into something even funnier than John and I had pictured it when we wrote it. He showed up, did amazing work, gave our weary crew some much needed comic relief, and then left, asking nothing in return.

Since then we’ve become Facebook friends, and although we’ve still never really had much of a conversation, I couldnt help but notice through all his posts that he seems to be one of the hardest working actor/writer/producer/comedian type people I have come across in Orlando. He is always up to something whether he’s doing Improv shows at Sak or producing sketch comedy bits for his own on production company Wooden Steel

Just yesterday I discovered that he has a dream and a plan to be on one of my most favorite shows, the launching pad for so many of the world’s best comedians, SNL, and I knew I just had to help any way I could. He has put together an audition tape and created a petition where he is trying to get as many signatures as possible before sending off the official package to the folks at SNL tomorrow. Yes I said tomorrow! I have signed it and now I’m hoping to inspire all of you to do the same by taking a second to click here
and sign your name so he can really get their attention in a big way. Being on SNL is such a fun dream! I figure why not take a few seconds and see if we can help make his dream come true.

So now I’m off for my first day venturing out around LA and I will see where else I can pay it forward and where that leads me.

Have a great day! And spread the love!

Oh and Shane – if you feel inspired by this, then you go out and find a way to Pay It Forward too. And Good luck with SNL!!!!!! You’re gonna do great.

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