Photography by Diego Torroija

We’re here!!!! In sunny Los Angeles!!! And what did I discover on my fabulous road trip across country? I discovered that I want to be just like my daughter when I grow up.

Not only did Sophie take the grueling 4 day road trip like a champ (10 hours a day every day) which is no small feat for a rather energetic 8 year old but she managed to turn it into her own big adventure.

Rather than burying herself in a movie marathon, she used her time to create. First she got me engaged in helping her finally tackle reading (her nemesis). After giving her a few tips I thought might help her on how to visualize while she’s reading, she was suddenly off to the races blowing through chapters like I’ve never seen her do before. Naturally, she didn’t just read the book, she grabbed her Ipod and proceeded to record herself reading it out loud so that other kids “who are blind or something could listen to it too because that might be nice for them”.

Then she managed to get all of us (me, Diego and my Aunt Patty)  engaged in informing her on what exciting things there are to do in Los Angeles so that she could come up with a list of dares for herself to accomplish thereby ensuring an exciting summer for herself. On her list so far we have: rollerblade 5 miles on beach trail, go rock climbing with Daddy, ride really fast rollercoaster at Magic Mountain (aka Wally World) with Mommy, finally eat a Peanut butter and banana sandwich (which to her sounds disgusting) and take a trapeze lesson with her Aunt Patty. (This list is still growing.)

When we weren’t in the car she was busy taking advantage of every last amenity at our roadside Holiday Inn Express (which are perfect for roadtrips by the way). She swam, she ate, she jumped from bed to bed and she was first in line in the mornings for the make-it-yourself pancakes and steaming cup of decaf coffee (our compromise and her new habit) because coffee is “just so delicious” she has to have it.

But her seize the moment attitude didn’t stop with the roadtrip. As I write this we have been in Los Angeles for a total of one and 1/2 days and already she has made friends with the neighbor kids, been scouted by a talent rep and turned them down, and started her own lemonade stand business. As it turns out we have our very own lemon tree in the back yard, so she harvested all the lemons, enlisted Diego’s help in designing a stand and making the fresh lemonade, and has already made 20 bucks today selling it for $1 a glass. She has plans to earn herself enough money to buy her first cell phone.

I dont know what she’ll be up to tommorow but I’m starting to think that maybe we all just need to go work for Sophie. Ha!! For such a teeny little thing she sure has a whole lot of spunk. I am proud to call her my little Bean.

Happy 4th of July everybody!!!!

For fun here’s one of her many video collaborations with her Daddy. Naturally, she was the Writer/Director in charge.



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  1. Glad you guys made it there safely. Miss you already. Also glad Sophie is enjoying the trip. Sounds like everyone is in great spirits.

  2. The video is sooo cute and creative! Sophie has such a great personality – naturally, with parents like you two! 🙂

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