All I can say is I must have done something right in my last life in order to deserve an experience like this!

Every morning the fam and I wandered down the short path to the water, strapped on our gear and hung out with the fish. In the afternoons we amused ourselves by putting an apple in the middle of our yard and watching the resident Iguana we named Tom and his arch enemies, the birds, fight over it. And the evenings were spent right here where you see me in this pic (my backyard for the week) watching the mandatory light show.

I think everyone should have these kinds of serious concerns at least once in their life. Thank you Mom and Tim for the best Christmas present ever! It was well worth waiting until June to retrieve it.

Needless to say I enjoyed my vacation and then bam! It’s back to the reality that I only had 3 days to pack up my life and get myself ready for, what I imagine will be, a highly successful and life changing journey to good ole LA. It will have to be seeing as how I have given myself no real choice about it and then broadcast it for all the world to see.

There were so many people I intended to spend time with before I left, or even to call back for crying out loud, but it just did not happen. So please, if you are one of those people and are reading this right now just know that I didnt spend time with any of those other people either, that I always liked you better and if I could have fit one more second in my 3 days, to spend with you, I would have.

So now it’s official. I leave for LA first thing in the morning and will arrive on the 3rd of July. I promise to keep you posted when anything exciting happens. (Oh and if you are an agent or producer from LA reading this right now – hi!  You could make this exciting real quick. Just go to the contact page, give me a ringy dingy and say you would like to have a meeting. It’ll be fun. Do it for my peeps!  🙂

Oh and Anna I reposted the Mickey D’s song parody so check it out and let me know if its 1 louder. Got another one coming soon!

Much love to all


2 thoughts on “This is where the fishes live!

  1. Miss you already sweet lady!!! Can’t wait to hear all about your journey! I know it will be successful in many ways…some of which you probably won’t even anticipate! You have always been a flower in bloom with endless petals… Go knock em’ dead! Sending you much love and support!!!

  2. Thanks Daley Dale. I miss you too. It’s already been really cool. Especially today. I really enjoyed the drive through the second half of Texas and into New Mexico. Lots o mountains!

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