Okay so apparently when I sent all of you my mass press release about how I had had a difficult couple months but that I am happy now, am starting a blog, have been inspired to go to LA for a couple months to pursue my dreams and have changed my email to happy@hollypayberg.com  I may have confused and even frightened some of you.

It turns out that the information provided was like one of those 3D pictures where if you look at it in a certain way an image appears that seemingly wasnt there, only in this case the image that appeared to some of you was that I was possibly leaving my family behind. Oops!

Fear not my lovely family and friends, I apologize for the unintentional scare but nothing could be further from the truth. I would never leave behind my most favorite, most successful part of my life. That wouldn’t work at all.

I have chosen to use the name Payberg as my professional name because Torroija is…well….Torroija and not because I have any desire to get away from the man who brings with him that unpronounceable name. I love that crazy, unpredicatable and extraordinary man as much today as I did the day I found him in the sub shop 17 years ago. And the reason I chose happy@hollypayberg.com was because after 41 years I have finally gotten to a place where that is a true statement! Geez. It took me long enough.

Love you all and you can quit your worrying and speculating now! Ha!!!! Now who’s funny?

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