Okay, seriously….

I just have to say that putting myself out there on the web like this and reconnecting with all of you has reminded me yet again that truly the greatest thing about me is all the incredibly weird, wild, diverse and wonderful people I am privileged to love.  It really sort of blows me away to think about it.

If I have one gift it is for seeing past people’s personalities, quirks and cultures straight to the heart of who they really are or want to be and that gift has allowed me to love just about anyone and everyone I come in contact with, judgment free, and the richness that comes from getting to live your life that way is the reason for the giant smile that is often plastered to my face.

It is because of what I have learned by living this way that I was inspired to write what will probably end up being the best project I ever produce, Sitting Shiva. I don’t want to give it all away right now but I will say that Shiva is going to be an experimental film, it will be really quick to shoot but take very long to prepare for and until now I really wasn’t ready to get started on it. It felt bigger than me. But I am happy to report that it is time to get started and that I intend to include all of you in the development of it.

For now, that development will consist of me quite simply sharing with you, one by one, all the people that I know and love until I have right here on this blog one seriously incredible people collection. How does this all relate to my Shiva movie? That’s for me to know and you to find out. But for now, just enjoy getting to know my peeps. You are not gonna believe how far my “family tree” branches!

9 thoughts on “I’m a people collector (but not in the icky way)

  1. Can’t wait to get started on Shiva! Evil laugh and gesture with hands that looks like rubbing in lotion….

  2. Ok I ve know about the Shiva project for way to long for you to peak my intrest and yet still have to wonder off to bed clueless……….. but I got a smile on my face just knowing you jumped on the wave…………..SO ride it out sista!!!

  3. I’m pretty sure that is the BEST news I’ve heard all year!!! Again…I am so proud of you. Please, please, please let me know what I can do to help. You know how much I love this project and you! Many hugs and kisses!

  4. you go girl, I’m sure Shiva will be wonderful! You have always had a way to light up a room and make everyone in it feel special and welcome, I’m glad your dreams are coming true!! xo~Kimbo ♥

  5. Since the “human flag” of the 90’s you have always been a lover of all things people. This is a long time comin’ and I personally can’t wait to see your projects. What a privilege to sit on your sidelines! Bring it!

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