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Creatively that is! The possibilities with this blog have gotten me so excited I can barely sleep. Finally a place to express all that pumps through this nutty head of mine on a daily basis. Why should I be the only one that has to deal with me. 🙂

As I start to fill up the pages I am realizing that I have been like the crazy cat lady of comedy except instead of hoarding cats I have been hoarding projects. Well no more. I can’t tell you how good it feels to get it all out. There is no way anyone is getting me back in the bottle. (insert evil giggle here)

I haven’t had a chance to get all my projects up, but I have been a busy little bee and have filled up lots of the pages with fun little goodies in these few short days since I entered the blogverse so check it out. Tell your friends. (Make sure to hit subscribe on the right) You have no idea the ridiculous amount of stuff I have up my sleeve.

Oh and I just found out I have the capability of creating audio posts so you can expect song parodies coming soon. Yes song parodies! They are yet again another one of those things I kept in my closet all these years because honestly I didnt know what the heck to do with them.

Oh and you people that have already started following me on here, you know who you people are, THANK YOU!!! You were just what I needed to give me that little push over the cliff. I love you mucho.

Have a happy day!

3 thoughts on “I’m Coming Out Of The Closet!

  1. If I recall, I was practically begging you to post your song parodies….Seems like we were in the car with Laurie…

    Anyway, I can’t wait to see all you have up your sleeves, pant legs and under your collars..

    All my best. Here’s rooting for you.

  2. Oh my god that’s right! Then I shall dedicate the first parody posting to you! We are going to play again real soon! I’m sure we have a bachelorette party in our future!

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